PROJECT PLAN – April Wilkerson – Bed Swing

This plan is in collaboration with April Wilkerson of The project was designed by April and the plan created by me.

The plans are in both imperial and metric units. If you are interested in a set of plans they can be found by CLICKING HERE.



  1. Do you have a set of plans from your miter saw table. Anything would be thankful.

    Thanks Robert

  2. Very nice April.

    Fun to see all of the Rockler stuff you have in use. Maybe the the Frisco store will have a 1 year celebration and invite you back,

    • I’m sure if you were to write in and request for one they would be willing. : ) I would love to do something in the DFW area again.

    • I used chain that was rated at 250lbs but you can change that of course if you need more or less. I purchased the cushions at what use to be called Garden Ridge, but is now called AtHome. They have a huge selection of the same size cushions in toooons of different colors and patterns so you aren’t limited at all. : )

  3. April
    Thanks for your response.
    I have another question: Where did you get your Right Angle Jig ?
    Thanks again.

  4. Like the project, but concerned about the material used . Won’t the pine rot over a little bit of time or is the paint enough to protect the wood ? I used pressure treated to make one in the past but had an issue with the wood warping .

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