1. Very nice April.

    Fun to see all of the Rockler stuff you have in use. Maybe the the Frisco store will have a 1 year celebration and invite you back,

    • I’m sure if you were to write in and request for one they would be willing. : ) I would love to do something in the DFW area again.

    • I used chain that was rated at 250lbs but you can change that of course if you need more or less. I purchased the cushions at what use to be called Garden Ridge, but is now called AtHome. They have a huge selection of the same size cushions in toooons of different colors and patterns so you aren’t limited at all. : )

  2. Like the project, but concerned about the material used . Won’t the pine rot over a little bit of time or is the paint enough to protect the wood ? I used pressure treated to make one in the past but had an issue with the wood warping .


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