I Get Email #01: Shop Budget


I get email. I get a lot of email. Some of which can be beneficial to a larger audience so I had the idea to create a simple, informal video series to answer those questions on a regular basis. Check out the video above to view today’s topic.

I also thought it would be fun to bring along one of my good friends Shawn Stone of Stone and Sons. If you haven’t already, check out his website.



  1. regarding your “quickie” video’s in reply to e-mail that would have a large audience…

    i think a lot of us would like to hear from folks who have been successful at earning money from wood working as a hobby versus profession. you know, a few extra bucks to pay for beer and a couple of new tools. what do they make? how do they market their products?

  2. I hated woodworking at school, but so whished I didn’t drop that subject. 30 year later now and I can’t seem to find enough time to spend in my garage working on wood. But listening to you two, I realised this isn’t woodworking related: my wife makes baby products from cloth material and all this applies to her hobby that she also wants to grow into a business.

    Unless it’s tips or tricks very woodworking specific, you can market these videos for any small business/hobbiest. I can see how even the advise to Del Kelso & David Holcomb’s request would apply to the generic hobby audience.

  3. I am retired and on a pension. Woodworking is a hobby for me. I have created an account that I call my 401″SB”. That stands for Shop Budget. Every payday I put X amount of dollars in the 401 “SB”. When I come across a project that I want to build I have that account to draw from for materials or a specific tool that is required. Once you get into the habit of funding the account on a regular basis it can grow quickly. Any profit from a project can also be put back into the account.

  4. In a future installment, I’d like to see you address some of the issues in dealing with an unheated shop (fall/winter is coming).

    What are the concerns with tools? Is there long term damage to the tools when the weather gets cold?

    When working on a project(s), what are challenges with the wood and suggestions for over coming them, rather than waiting for spring.

    And finally, suggestions for heating the shop. Pro and cons for various options.


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