Batch out sliding dovetails FAST with the PantoRouter

While there is currently no dedicated template for this setup one could easily be made with stable hardwood on a table saw. Still, purchasing a precise template made specifically for the machine would be more convenient.

If you want to learn more about the origins of the PantoRouter then check out Matthias’ documentation and plans here:
Use the code JAY for $150 your PantoRouter at:

Correction in the video: the prototype template looks to be CNC cut, not 3d printed.

I uploaded this video yesterday and sent it to Mac before publishing it. The following text is his email reply:

You’re reading our minds, Jay!  

So there are a couple of things we love about this idea and some things we’ve already done and more we have planned.  First, our goal is to make the segmented mortise and tenon templates available in first quarter 2020.  In the interim we’re asking people to please cut up the set they have and mess with them. If they cut them and send an email, we’ll send a complete new set to replace the customized templates.  Our cost including shipping.  

Second.  You notice the three steps in the mortise slots of the existing templates. (Aluminum prototype of the current versions)

They’re meant to give just a wee bit of wiggle room in the joint.  
I’m not sure if this is enough room or if we need more for your idea to work.
The segments in design will focus around ⅜” joinery.  Of course it works with all sizes depending on the guide bearing, but ⅜” seems most appropriate to furniture.  We’ll make the segments so we can get ¼” increments from 1” to 3” then we plan to make a bar with to either extend to any length or make any specific size needed.  The bars would essentially be the same as the M&T templates without the ends but with a tone of holes for mounting and centering.
Please experiment with cutting the templates and tell me what you think. We want the PantoRouter to be a platform for creativity!


  1. You’re having too much fun with this pantorouter!
    Question though: you have a cnc so why not cut out your own template with desired specifications out of plexiglass or something similar.

  2. From watching your recent pantorouter videos and searching out other videos on this tool, I placed my order last night. I am looking forward to trying it on my builds and experimenting further with it. Kudos to all who had a hand in developing this idea and getting the tool to the woodworking community. Thank you for sharing.

    • Hey Ray. This is because I launched it all at the same moment. Normally I send the email newsletter a half hour or so before the video because it takes an hour or so to send out. I didn’t have the time to wait this morning.

  3. Hi Jay,
    I like the patio router stuff and the contest idea to have a one on one hands on class/ demo to the winner. (Sign me up)……
    I have the same CNC as you and you make it seem so easy and are able to import real items for custom trays /templates etc.. Have you ever thought about courses for sketch up, v-carve files or other CNC classes. I realize its not everyone whom is using it but I would be in favor of this…
    Keep up the videos anyways.

  4. From a teaching standpoint, it would help to draw your lines the first couple of times to highlite the material to be removed. Gives the individual assurance they are machining to the correct limits.

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