Avid CNC Ep2: Dual 4″ Dust Shoe

Video Notes:


  1. Jay,

    Really enjoyed seeing how you came to this design. A potential design alteration might be to have a piece of plexiglass on the front with a reduced amount of bristle below it. If that plexi shield were in some way spring loaded to keep the shield down but able to adjust for deep spindle plunges, we the viewers could see more than a ‘large mustache’ shooting around a sheet of plywood.

    Thanks for all that you are doing with these videos.

  2. As far as the clamp around the spindle, why don’t you use the clamp style that is used by Formica counter top installers? They rout notches in the back side of the counter and pull it together with a long bolt and a rectangular threaded plate. In your case all you would have to do is cut a through slot in the top plate, insert a flat plate large enough that it won’t turn in the slot when the bolt is tightened. You could use 1/4″x20 or #10×32 screws.

  3. I work with plywood that way on occasion. Drill and install a cross dowel to screw into. Simple and easy.

  4. i liked your video and the design iterations process. for the brush, i like the way you ended up doing it but the mandrel you made would have worked if you hack sawed along the “to be” inner side of the bend then the metal would have bent along the outside and not had the compression “bending down” issue, really liked the handle on the front. why did you not just put the “pants” fitting up top and run 2 4″ flexes? i know its one hanging flex hose as opposed to two but like you said its a an issue hanging off the cable chain. there may be cooling issues with the air cooled spindle? i have seen several vacuum setups now using this style of twin pickups, but still curious if there are issues. i know the two 4″ hoses have more overall area for pickup and if i am not mistaken more velocity feeding into the bigger main take away line. for the cinch screw you could use a threaded insert and clearance hole the opposite side of the slot cut. i think your design is really well thought out taking the best items from the several designs online and your own innovation, even better sharing the data files!

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