Half Lap Dry Erase Board (Cheap Amazon roll)

There’s not much to say about this build. It’s a crazy simple project that can be knocked out in just a short time. I added some visual interest with natural brown canvas phenolic rod. It’s a super hard material used in many industrial applications. I was first introduced to it in 2005-ish. It’s a common material in the billiard cue industry. The whiteboard material is a roll of film I bought off Amazon. I’ve made a total of four of these whiteboards at the time of writing this article.


  1. HI Jay,

    Neat little project. Have you tried putting the peel and stick next to itself to make a wider panel? I’m curious how difficult that would be and how obvious the seam is.


  2. Morning Jay, Great little project during these bizarre times. Thanks.

    On a not-quite-relevant note: I’ve noted that you don’t seem to use your overhead dust collection system much on your tablesaw. If that is the case, do you find it too cumbersome or not sufficiently effective ?

    Your comments would be most appreciated.

    Thanks in advance. Eric Stephan

  3. Looks great! I finished a couple of whiteboards recently and when I researched on the subject I found out that when the markers are hard to remove after they sat on the board for awhile, the term for it is ghosting. to remedy it, you can clean it with Isopropyl alcohol make sure to let it dry completely prior to using it again. don’t use any abrasives – it removes the coating. My teenage daughter taught me that if you scribble on the old dry erase marking with a fresh marker, it magically comes off when you wipe it clean. Use a lint free towel to wipe it clean. I made another dry erase board with a framed glass,you can glue paper, or paint the underside white for contrast. it is by far my favorite board, no ghosting, and everything wipes off easily & nicely. I make my own erasers too…just take an off cut scrap wood, cover one side with felt (I used spray adhesive& synthetic felt) works like a charm. Thank you for another detailed project.

  4. Nice project, Jay. My experience with dry erase boards is that the black markers are the worst to get off once they dry. They seem to stain the board and leave ghost images. Red does also but not as bad.

  5. To remove a dried marker try this tip. Try squiggling over the old dry market with the same color dry erase marker. Let it set for just a few (5-10) seconds and then wipe it away with a paper towel.
    This usually allows the old ink to soften or be revitalized.
    Not sure how it works honestly but it works on my kids whiteboard.
    This trick also works if you happen to use a permanent marker on the whiteboard too.

  6. Nice project. I have a small 8×10 dry marker panel in the shop for a supplies needed list. I may have to make a bigger one now. To clean dry marker writing, wet a paper towel with a bit of alcohol and it comes off immediately and cleans the board.

  7. Hey, Jay. Well done instructional video. Props to your “apprentice” on the camera work. Another job for him might be to tackle the rust on your drill press column. >:-)

    (Go Tigers!)

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