Full Size Santa Sleigh – Free Files

My friend Brandon from Maddux Woodworks recently took on a Santa sleigh commission. I think there were many more pieces to the job but the part I got involved with was just the full size sleigh. The following links may be of interest.


  1. Very nice Jay.

    From experience, when you need to edge drill a shelf to fit into a side, I’ve taken the end-view with the locating holes and the edge outline and cut that as a separate template. I then attach thin plywood guides to the template and clamp the template onto the edge of the shelf. I use the CNC-drilled holes as a drill guide. You won’t need to cut divots on the ends of the shelves, and since everything is referenced from the drawing, everything lines up.

    Regards and Merry Christmas,


  2. Wonderful Workmanship and Design, I personally would add a 1 or 2″ red rectangle cushion, which would hide the Barrel bolt’s. Done in the right material it would with stand the winter and rainy weather. Also make it just a bit more comfy for people to sit there.

  3. Wonderful explanation and thank you for the free files! This seems scalable to build on smaller CNCs for decorative or even ornament size projects.

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