DIY Elevator Follow-up

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  1. Jay as an avid diyer I am very impressed with your thoughtfuness and ingenuity . Like you when I venture into uncharted areas my first response is YouTube . First read the article then the comments some of these make complete sense others not so much.Some folks want to be helpful others just like to make noise. The old saying seperate the wheat from the chaff is relavant . Said all of that to say you my friend have a gift that you are sharing thank you sir . Be someone`s sunshine

  2. Glad I stayed for the end of the video! Best laugh in a while. Also, enjoyed the plan and improvements, allowed me the opportunity to go down the “what if” rabbit hole for a while.

  3. Great Q&A, Jay~! Some good ideas from others and some over the top. I can really appreciate the learning that comes from the exchange of ideas because as you’ll agree, none of us know everything. What bothers me is how it seems that you almost have to defend yourself with the choices you made in the construction (of any project) based on all of the “what ifs” thrown at you. There are definitely comments that earn the response of “Hey, thanks, that’s a good point…didn’t think of that one~!” and the others that are just insulting (Captain Obvious) jabs. Either way, your way of responding is what makes you a great YouTuber and why I’ll always be a fan of your work.
    I like turtles too~! ;-)

  4. The finally was priceless. I don’t have an immediate need for something like this but knowledge like this can be applied to so many other things larger or smaller in scale when the need arises. Thanks for the original content and the follow up.

  5. One thing I would add, a couple of attachment points for bungie cords or straps, eye bolts or holes in plywood. Something to help secure the load. Sooner or later something will shift.

  6. I’ve got a friend that has had a similar hoist outside under the gable end of his garage for years. It gets hit with rain and snow quite often and still works fine.

  7. It sounds like when non-electricians do electrical work on YouTube. Everybody has a great suggestion to make about how you did it wrong.

  8. Jay this is awesome and I feel the elevator is safe. There are three things that require almost no work that I think would be beneficial. 1. Put a taped square footprint on the floor where the elevator comes down. 2. I’m sure there are little keyed lock boxes that will prevent anyone from accessing the lift switch. 3. If it doesn’t impact the usability or structure of the lift, drilling peep holes through the lift floor would be nice so you are not blind going down.
    This is a dynamite solution to second floor access.

  9. Those power cables are meant to be used on an ATV no? They are waterproof already. No need to worry about it.

  10. Appreciate the follow up on this interesting project. Thanks for producing such great content. Loved the ending!!

  11. The good thing is the comments made you second guess yourself and perhaps address things you hadn’t considered. Good logical explanation of what your decisions were so good became even better. Jay has been saved!!

  12. Ending should be the outro for all your videos Jay – with some unnecessary walnut added to lift as a nod to Drew.

    I commend you for your patience in sifting through and addressing all the comments. Some, like separate attachment points for the arrestor, make perfect sense. Most are applicable only in a public or commercial setting where the main goal is actually avoiding liability rather than creating a safe operation. You’ve taken the risk down to a very reasonable and manageable level. Always wonder how many of the Super Safety Crew would implement their own suggestions?

    • John:
      The answer to your “How many” question is zero. Lots of “experts” out there have unlimited time to criticize others, but never get around to actually doing anything themselves.

      Several years ago, I welded-up a reasonably close copy of what Jay did. It is one of the best things I ever did. The older I get — the better it gets!

  13. A pan with a drain line below the AC unit will prevent any water damage to the shop or to your lift. You can most likely get one at a HVAC supply store.

  14. the new attach point bolt size: the shear force to break the bolt will never be reached the wood will totally fail long before the bolt shears as long as its a 120ksi grade 5 or better bolt. i could see the bolt tearing out of where it is placed if it ever went into free fall mode, hard as it may be to believe, its what will happen. its old placement on the strap is where it should be the strap spreads the point load then a second attach point made for the lift cable in the same general area, ideally another strap or thru bolt in the base with a metal plate to spread out the load path of the bolt head on the plywood to prevent blowout.
    please trust me telling you your relocation of the arrestor compounds the danger if the lift freefalls.

    just a minor correction on the strut explanation you made: the U facing down totally correct, the top is in bending from the force pulling down on it raising the lift, the sides of the U are in tension (trying to be pulled apart or stretched) from the downward force on the top trying to bend the top placing the sides in tension preventing the top from bending. steel shines when placed in tension not compression.

  15. Jay, love the video. In the background to the right, you STILL have that curved piece of Walnut I believe. When are you going to put it to use?

  16. I made stairs in my shop that raise up with an atv winch to keep them out of the way, but have never been able to make a catch to hold them up, so I rely on the winch itself…. after watching your video, I think I need a fall arrester. After seeing the end of the video, I’m thinking I might find a different model arrester than the one you used.

  17. No matter what you do you can not idiot proof anything and you can not take into account every single possibility that might happen. What if a meteor fell through the roof and severed the cables?
    That does not mean you need to neglect safety. I like your project and it looks reasonably safe.

    If you build a stick, you will likely get comments on what you did wrong. That is just the way people are.
    Now let me tell you how to build a better stick :-)


  18. Not only was the original video and explanation great, but i love how you take the time to address comments and explain your thoughts. Especially without just telling people to go f’ themselves.

    P.S. I laughed so hard on the after credits scene………LOL

  19. Hilarious ending! Glad you didn’t string a tite rope across the rafters. But I truly understand some worries about a person that would let kids play on equipment. You’re not that guy.

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