I’ll NEVER buy a push stick again. This is why.

I think I have all of the fancy push sticks on the market. I have enough of them and experience with them to know that they aren’t the best option. Nothing beats this simple DIY push stick design, and in this video, I want to explain better why I find it to be the best. I’ll NEVER buy another commercially available push stick again.

I don’t say that out of any animosity to any brand or ignorance on the topic. A decade ago, I made a video highlighting this style of push stick, and after all that time, not much has changed. I always reach for this one instead of the polished commercially available ones. I’m not in the business of telling other people how to spend their money, though. If you want to buy one, I do not care, respectfully. I just know I’ll never buy another one.

If you would like to make one of these for yourself, you can get two out of a 20″ piece of 2×6. Pine, or similar, is my recommended material of choice due to its light weight. Click here to open up the free PDF in another tab where you can print or download and save. 


  1. Jay, if you have a hole in a pushstick that your fingers are in, if the stick kicks back you risk breaking your fingers. The second design eliminates that problem. I know there are many ways to avoid kickback, but it sometimes happens.

  2. Great video ! Lots of great info including stuff I never thought of before.

    P.S. What ever happened to your weight room area?

  3. 99+ % of the time I use two of the Grr-ripper push blocks.
    I am a big believer in them and making cuts on the table saw at this point does not feel right without them.
    From time to time when I do need a different kind of push stick I use something very similar to the last one you showed.
    I may have even copied it from one of your very early videos.
    Please talk to Rockler about another visit to the Garland, Texas store. It was fun seeing you and your friend.
    If I have a couple days notice I will smoke a brisket for you.

  4. Thanks for putting up this idea. I downloaded your pattern and made a couple of these push sticks. I did not do much sanding on them. It is a tool which works great and I do not care what it looks like I just want to use it.

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