10′ Picnic tables

10 foot picnic table

A while ago I was asked to build a couple large picnic tables. They were to be used under a carport for teaching classes at the Mississippi Modern Homestead Center. The design I came up with was going to be pretty strong to last a long, long time. UPDATE: Thomas Storzuk was kind enough to put together a set of PDF plans for this picnic table to make it easier for anyone else who wanted to build one. To download the plan just click here10 foot picnic table 10 foot picnic table 10 foot picnic table(note: I added 4 ties under the table tops to hold them together, not in the drawing)

Because the table was going to spend it’s life under a roof there wasn’t much concern with sealing the wood. Non treated lumber was used for the majority of the build. Because wood can soak water up from the ground like a sponge I used treated lumber for the legs. I didn’t want any standing rain water to ruin the legs. The table and seat tops were not a concern. This isn’t a complete “how to” but I will include a link to the SketchUp file below this post for your reference. 10 foot picnic table 10 foot picnic table 10 foot picnic tableThese should last a while. Coated decking screws, pocket hole screws, bolted, and glued. All screws from underneath. NOT fun to move by myself ;)

Click here to download the sketchup file.


  1. how do u use this sketch up thing and yes there are dimensions but your diagram doesnt show the degrees or angel to cut the boards

  2. Jay, this is a really cool table. Would like a set of blueprint plans with material list, cut diagrams with length/angles, dimensions and assembly tips. Material list and cut diagrams would really help.



  3. Thanks Jay for all these valuable infos. Now, I cannot wait anymore to start build my table. You are awesome. Good job man.

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