Farm Style Table #1

I built this farm style table this week. Everything was ripped out of left over 2×10 Lowes Top Choice lumber from a remodel last year. The last picture shows why I built it. This is for our laundry room on site and hopefully will last longer than the table I replaced. All the top pieces are 8” wide with a total surface area of 32” x 72”. The legs are 5” wide and all the stretchers are 4” tall. Total height is 30”. No stain. The finish is 3 coats of sprayed Minwax Oil Modified Water Based Poly. It turned out good but I’d still rank Polycrylic above this product. It yellowed more than I had hoped it would. All joinery is with pocket hole screws and Tightbond III. This is the first piece I flattened with a decent plane instead of a belt sander :)

Farm Table 1 Farm Table 1 Farm Table 1 Farm Table 1 Farm Table 1 Farm Table 1 Farm Table 1

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  1. jeanie

    jay I don’t know how to get the plans for the farmstyle table, could u help me on this ?

    1. Jay Bates

      Sorry for the inconvenience Jeanie. The file is not a plan. It’s a sketchup file that can be viewed with the free program Sketchup.

  2. Kevin

    How did you handle wood movement with the breadboard ends and the main table top? How are the ends attached?

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