Saw Blade Clock

saw clock

This is a perfect addition to any shop! During my loft bed build I somehow destroyed a clock that I had hanging near the door. Apparently they don’t make cheepo clocks that are 2×10 friendly. Anyway, this gave me a few clock parts with no clock face. Recently I saw a Facebook profile image that was an old Sears saw blade clock. It was the machined gray that you typically see on saw blades with black numbering. I decided to make my own clock with that picture in mind. I glued the blade to the clock mechanism and used a black magic marker to write the numbers as nice as possible. This worked for a about a week but it had a major problem. From the other side of my shop the lights would make the entire clock blend. Gray clock with black lettering and black fingers just isn’t the best approach. So my solution was to paint the saw white. Then it dawned on me; I live 3 driveways down from a sign shop. After searching Google images for clock faces I finally found one I as ok with. I added some font at the bottom and this is what I came up with. I ended up making two so that I can see what time it is from any position in the shop. Old saw blade + spray paint + dismantled dollar store clock + decal of choice = nice shop clock! Check out the video “how to” below. Thanks for watching!saw clock


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