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Izzy Swan – Think Woodworks

Izzy Swan has been providing a steady stream of free woodworking videos and inspiration on YouTube for about a year now. If you haven’t already I urge you to check out his content. I asked Izzy to tell us what his content is all about. Here’s what he said:

When I started posting videos the goal was simple. I wanted to share my passion for woodworking and inspire others to THINK. Think about what they want out of wood working, think about the methods they use and how they can improve them, Think about the money they spend, Think about ways they could use what they have to get the job done. To Think about innovation and the opportunities for development in this industry. Think about the materials they use and inspire more people to up-cycle and ultimately to help people who are interested in creating to take those first steps toward realizing their dream with out having to spend a fortune on tools to get started. Sharing information and ideas is what makes this YouYube community so great and I hope I can continue doing it for years to come.

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Epic Trash To Treasure:

The Bowl Blaster:

Ultimate Table Saw Fence Accessory:

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  1. izzy and yourself were the first 2 vids i ever saw on youtube when my interest was reawakened in woodwork but without a huge budget the tips and techniques are brilliant and sometimes in izzys case plain bonkers brilliant both ofyou keep up the astounding work in letting everyone know it can be interesting fun and rewarding even if your not in it for profit cheers lads

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