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Bob Clagett

Although Bob has been making YouTube videos for close to a year now it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I stumbled upon his channel. Talk about first impressions. The production quality of his videos are top notch and his projects are pretty cool too! I encourage you to check out the content that Bob has to offer and leave him a comment or two. SUBSCRIBE to his YouTube channel if you like what you see to encourage him to continue to produce free woodworking/creating content.

Also, check out his website for a lot more inspiration. Not just woodworking either! I asked Bob if I could feature him on here and more importantly “Why do you create the content that you create?” Here’s what he had to say:

I love making things. Not just out of wood… I love writing software, making music, wiring circuits, restoring vintage scooters.. it doesn’t matter what the medium, I just love problem solving. I also love watching people learn that they are capable of making the things that they want, and solving the problems right in front of them. My blog, and YouTube channel are ways for me to share experience, and hopefully to inspire people to make stuff that is useful or interesting to them.

That’s what I’m talking about! CREATING. It doesn’t matter what it is…just create something! It’s so rewarding and anyone can do it. As with the longboard video above, here are a couple more videos to check out:

Remember that SUBSCRIBING, sharing, and liking videos on YouTube costs you nothing and are the biggest influential things you can do as a viewer to encourage more great free content. You may notice however that Bob does not run any ads on his content. Which means he doesn’t make any direct financial gain for his time. Instead, he has a Patreon account where you can become a Patron of his work where you can directly encourage him to create more.



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