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The internet is awesome. Simply awesome. Never before has so much great knowledge and entertainment been readily available at everyone’s disposal for free. And it grows every day. The same holds true for the online woodworking community. Everything I know about woodworking has been because of free content on the internet. And I’ve been introduced to many great people on here. More and more people are recording or typing out instructional DIY/woodworking related content. Inviting us into their shops or work spaces to share their projects and techniques with us.

About a month ago someone was kind enough to send me a link to Stan Sullivan’s YouTube channel (Thanks!). I’ve been watching every video since. Stan seems to have a natural presentation and production style. It’s like he belongs in front of the camera. It wasn’t until I contacted him that I realized why. I asked him a few questions and here’s what he had to say:

What made you decide to start producing online content?

My background and degree are in radio broadcasting.  I spent many years in the industry as an on-air talent.  When I decided to leave the field for personal reasons I would sometimes feel the pull to go back.  Producing online content was a compromise I made with myself.  It was a way to share things I felt strongly about and be able to connect with others that shared those passions.  What type of content was another issue entirely.  I had kicked around a few different areas of interest.  I choose woodworking and DIY projects in general because I get such a deep sense of satisfaction from it.  I wanted to share that feeling and encourage the person sitting on the fence about all this.  A friend said to me once that he was saving up for a “good” table saw and then he could start woodworking.  I wanted to bang my head on a desk.  I said when he really wanted to, he would find a way, and I’d be there to help if he wanted it.  The same goes for anyone who comes across my videos or website.

What is your motivation for continuing to produce online content?

When you find something that triggers the reward centers of the brain, it becomes hard to walk away from it.  The response to my channel has been more than I ever expected.  Knowing there are people who tune in immediately is a great feeling and I somewhat feel obligated to keep producing content for them.  I think the fans that would be most disappointed if I stopped producing content would be my children.  They have been so encouraging through all of this.  In fact, on nights that I am close to finishing a video, they go so far as to ignore their bedtime despite whatever dessert purgatory I may threaten.

You’re in a book of famous quotes. What does your quote say?

“You are the best you there will ever be, but at best you are a mediocre somebody else.”  I don’t know if that is a famous quote or not.  I can’t remember who said it or why, but it stayed with me.  I carry the sentiment into everything I do, including my videos.  I can’t be the guy with the engineering degree or the guy in the big fancy shop.  Who I can be is the guy sharing his passion and a bit of his life with those who would care to watch.  If that encourages you, inspires you, motivates you or infuriates you, then I am content to let that be my mark.

I invite you to check out Stan’s YouTube channel. Watch a few of Stan’s videos and leave a comment or two to let him know what you think. Feedback is often times the best way to let any creator know that you enjoy his/her content and that you would like to see more of it. Be sure to Subscribe to Stan’s channel if you like what you see. Included on this page are just a couple of Stan’s videos.

Also, be sure to visit his website at SimplyEasyDIY.com where you can find accompanying articles for his projects such as this Small Backyard Chicken Coop. He’s got a nice, easy to follow diagram filled post to guide you through the build.

Remember that subscribing, liking, giving a thumbs up or a share are some of the things you can do to greatly show your support for free content without you spending a dime. You can also follow Stan on Facebook and Pinterest.



  1. I really enjoy Stan’s Channel. His presentation style is very easy to watch and he has a great sense of humour. His builds are pretty cool too. Well done mate:-)

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