SketchUp: Lumber Rack

I’d like to somehow show my thanks to those who follow my content on this website so this week you get the SketchUp video before the rest of my YouTube subscribers. Everyone else on YouTube will see it on Sunday like normal. Thanks for always stopping by folks :)

It seems to be a “do project #2 to get to project #1” season. Especially with the shop move. I mentioned in my latest vlog video that my next project will be a 2×4 half lap bar stool. Well if you don’t consider this an actual project than what I said is true. I brought the lumber home for the bar stools and realized I have absolutely nowhere to store it. And I’m really not a big fan of moving lumber over here to work on this…then tripping over it over here….just to move it back over there. I’m sure you get the point.

So a lumber rack just got bumped up to first on the list. And because my current shop is a more permanent shop I decided to go with a more permanent design instead of making more of my quick 2×4 shelf brackets. The design is based off of 2×3 lumber but I’m not exactly sure if I’ll go with the 2×3 size as indicated in this video or just stay with full 2×4’s. Either way. The design will be the same. The video above covers how they will be built.

You can download this SketchUp file here:

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  1. Great job! Wow you are quick with sketchup! This is very similar to Drew Short’s lumber rack over at Rock’n-h-Woodshop.

    • Been following you on youtube for quite a while, Jay, and finally got over here to your website.
      Your keystroke descriptions have been the difference as to why I have committed to myself the task of learning sketchup. Thanks for the inspiration AND the know how in using Sketchup.
      Great vlog and projects.

      Mark (Aust)

  2. Just wanted to say thanks for saying what keystrokes you’re making as you build your files. It helps someone new like me to learn quicker ways to design something in sketchup rather than hunting through menus using a mouse.

  3. I agree with Nathan, keep calling out the keystrokes it really helps us sketchup wannabes. I can’t explain it but listening to you and following along seems to make more sense than the instructions. Also you were right, the lumber rack should come first. I hate having to move things around just to get to things in the shop. Oh my, that sounds like a safety catch-line;-)

  4. Great set of plans Jay. Need to make a lumber rack that is elevated so I think that the original 2×4 shelf brackets will be the best solution for me. Thanks for all the work you do!

  5. Wow, that was a great overview on Sketch Up. How long did it take you to learn that program. Thanks for all your videos, I have learned so much from you and all the fine woodworkers on You Tube.

    • doug- search youtube for “getting started with sketchup”. there are 4 videos, 8-12 minutes each. have it play on one screen and do all the key strokes in another screen (often pausing video). by the time you get through the four videos, you will have a good understanding of the basics to where you can use the program. that’s was how i did it anyway. and now i when i see a video like this, i do the same whether or not i need the project.

    • I learned it really quick. But that being said I got a CAD degree first. I learned in SolidWorks which is way more advanced than SketchUp. Both great programs but SketchUp is a lot easier and cheaper (free!).

  6. any chance on future video’s you could include breaking the items apart, adding dimensions and laying out for printing? i have seen you do that before and your process for that is really good. it’s a necessary step to take the design to the workshop

  7. Do you have a t-shirt that says… “Space bar – triple click – G for component – Enter” ??

    I am slow and unsteady on Sketchup, but all of your videos are really helping. I have no problem remembering how to make something a component! You are the best.

  8. Thanks for that post about George Nakashima, was very interesting. I enjoy watching your videos especially since you have your own workshop now. It’s coming together really well.

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