Avid CNC Ep4: Homing Speed, Cutting Area, and Video Game Control

Video notes:

– AntiMicro: https://github.com/AntiMicro/antimicro
– Avid CNC: http://www.cncrouterparts.com/
– Quick Track from Armor Tool: https://armor-tool.com/products/woodworking/t-track/
– TSO Products dogs: https://tsoproducts.com/dogs/
– Use the code JAYBATES to save 10% on your router/cnc bit purchase from Bits & Bits: https://bitsbits.com/


  1. what made you choose mach 4 over mach 3 software? i know the obvious answer it is the latest (but maybe not the greatest incarnation of the software) i know allot had been written to mach 3 as add-ons, is the same true with mach 4? but does it make it better when most people just use old laptops and home PC boxes to run the cnc? many still use mach 3 for this reason i am reading, really would appreciate a explanation on this. really like your videos on the subject and your explanation/tips on all of this, i will never be a production shop, retired engineer do this for the fun and keeping busy aspect of a hobby kinda thing.

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