Dog Bone Bench

In the summer of 2017, I went to an outdoor woodworking event in Skiatook Oklahoma. While there I received an osage orange slab from my friend Ted Alexander. Since then it’s been pushed around and kept out of the way in two different shops and a materials storage shed. I think it’s about time I do something with it.

The benchtop is osage orange and the legs are ash. It’s finished with a simple oil/wax finish that will require touchups and maintenance down the road. It’s not a durable outdoor finish. However, no matter what I put on it I will have to refinish it at some point. Might as well make it easy to refinish.

– For flattening the slab I used the Astra coated SB25-2 from Bits & Bits.
– For the mortises, I used the 540-SRF500 2 flute 1/2″ spiral upcut bit

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  1. Jay! That’s an awesome bench dude. I LOVE simple and eligent…you can’t beat it. I could use some HELP on something now that you’ve mentioned it. I have an Axiom Iconic 8 and was wondering your thoughts on doing ingrain tenons with THAT machine. Any ideas?

  2. Love the dog bone bench…..but was thinking how much nicer it would look on my patio!!! Just saying.

    Great Job and your kids get cuter everyday!

  3. That is a nice piece of work. I am sure a lot of wood workers have a CNC like yours to do that type of work. Just saying. Any way, you have a special talent to not only use the CNC, but still able to use regular shop tools.

    Keep up the good work’

  4. I hope you do a follow up in a year or two so we can see how the color of this gorgeous piece develops. Great work Jay.

  5. G’day Jay
    That has come up well, I think Tyler has claimed it.😁
    An interesting bit of timber (I had to google it) an unusual colour.

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