McCurdy Clock

This walnut clock was made as a Christmas present for a friend. If you have a CNC machine this could be a profitable product to sell. Not much time or material investment and the process is batch operation friendly. Depending on labor and material costs, you could price out purchasing pre-made panels to increase profit margin.


  1. Jay,
    Great looking clock! What did you use to paint? Epoxy ? The letters? Did you completely fill them?
    I enjoy and look forward to seeing your post !
    Give that precious baby a hug for me!
    Happy New Year!

  2. The clock is a great build and your shop setup is really nice! (I love your jointer/planer). I also love the fact that you are teaching your daughter the facts of life (everybody poops their pants!)
    Thanks Jay.

  3. THREE years old????? How is that possible?

    You’d better start saving up for a car, because at the rate she’s growing and aging, she’ll be needing a car before three cats can skin a minnow! Just remind her that, as an adult, that “poop your pants” thing is not gender limited. :-)

    Always love seeing your work!

  4. Great looking project. I would love to get into making things with a CNC but I just don’t know if I could learn how to do the files to make all of those cuts. Any suggestions on a good tutorial or video series? I want to know that I can create the files before I invest in a machine.

  5. Always a good day to find a Jay Bates video.
    Clock looks great…as we all knew it would!
    Thanks for posting and Happy New Year.

  6. Happy New Year Jay! Always great to see what u create! Thx for all your hard work in teaching and projects! Great having young kids! Great great time in your life. Chuk

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