The Ultimate OneFinity CNC Setup – Spoilboard, Cart, Vertical Table

A year ago, one of my neighbor woodworking friends got a OneFinity X-50 Journeyman CNC machine. He agreed to let me make a complete cart and table setup for it. The final design has storage, a bit tray, a reference corner for quick work, t-nut style spoilboard, smooth rolling casters, and a vertical table.

I put together a downloadable plan and file package for this build that includes the SketchUp file, VCarve Pro cutting file, vectors to use other CAM software, VCarve Pro machine template file, and PDF plans in both Metric and Imperial units that have a shopping list, dimensioned diagrams, and a 3d assembly guide. You can find that package here.

Helpful Links:
– 5/16-18 t-nuts –
– 5/16-18 hex nuts – Purchased at Tractor Supply
– 5/16-18 bolts – Purchased at Tractor Supply
– 5/16 lock washers- Purchased at Tractor Supply
– 5/16 fender washers –
– Casters –
– Cork for vise jaw –
– Wired controller –
– Calipers –
– 1/4″ x 1″ pins –
– Longer bit used for holes in the top –