Featured Creator: Jon Peters

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Jon Peters

I found Jon’s channel a long time ago while looking at roof trusses. He has a pretty popular video on how to make them (video above). Since then Jon has been producing some great woodworking, painting, and DIY content. He is a professional artist and craftsman who opened the Laurel Tracey gallery in Red Bank, New Jersey in 1999. What I like about his YouTube channel the most is that his videos are to the point and offer a lot of information. I asked Jon what was inspiration, motivation, or the reason for him to create and share the content that he produces. Here’s what he had to say:

I think one of most important and exciting things that you can do in life, is to inspire a person to learn, so I love to teach.  Art, woodworking / finish carpentry is the subject that I know a little something about. I was a horrible student throughout school practically flunking out of every subject including art and woodshop. I believe the shared experience of professionals and journeymen on the web is the future of teaching and learning and it’s fun to be part of it.

I encourage you to check out not only Jon’s YouTube channel but also his website where you can see some examples of his artwork. I particularly like his Floral, Enamel on Stainless Steel 40 x 80 piece. Sometimes less is more! If you like the free content that Jon is producing I encourage you to subscribe, give a thumbs up, and leave a few comments for him. Remember that all three of those things cost you nothing and are the easiest and most effective way to encourage any creator to produce more free content. Below are a few of Jon’s videos to check out.

Blanket Chest

This video is part one. If you would like to watch the whole series CLICK HERE

TV Lift Cabinet

Such a nice project! This video shows the completed project. If you would like to watch the whole series CLICK HERE


For a full list of Jon’s instructional painting videos CLICK HERE