Featured Creator: Shane Conlan

If you have been following this site for a while you may already know of Shane. That’s because I’ve included a few of his videos in my weekly Around The Web series and with good reason. His content is great! His outlook is great! And his projects are great! Shane’s approach to woodworking is admirable as he doesn’t have a dedicated shop space and he builds all of his projects in his back yard with portable power tools. So many of us, myself included, get wrapped up in “needing” a nice table saw or bandsaw to create great projects. I asked Shane a few questions and here’s what he had to say:

What is your objective with the content that you create?

The reason l create content for the web is that l really enjoy making things and if you can share that with other people who appreciate what you do, then that is really satisfying. My style is basic at best, but what l like to show to people is that you can have a lot of fun and make some really interesting pieces with minimal tools, using recycled materials (I’m a massive fan of upcycling. I find it hard to drive past a pallet on the side of the road and not stop to throw it in the back of my Ute) and for very little money. In fact l don’t even have a workshop. I do all of my projects in the backyard on our outdoor table.

What keeps you going?

What keeps me going is the interaction l have with the viewers who watch my videos. The YouTube community generally speaking is fantastic and it’s really satisfying knowing that you have in some way, encouraged, and inspired somebody else to pick up a hammer and have a go. I also love it when someone has attempted one of my projects and has then shared it with everyone else on my Facebook page. That is really cool. With a bit of luck l can continue to publish videos and hope that more people can come along for the ride.

In the future there will be a book full of quotes from woodworkers. What will the quote next to your name say?

My favorite quote is written on the gravestone of English Comedian Spike Milligan It says “Told you l was sick” Spike was a classic and it just goes to show that you can have a laugh even in the most dire of situations. And another one that l really like and may be more appropriate (or maybe not) is from Lucille Ball and it goes “I’d rather regret the things l’ve DONE, than the things l HAVEN’T DONE”

This page contains a few of my favorites from Shane. I invite you to check out Shane’s YouTube channel for the rest of his videos and SUBSCRIBE if you like what you see. Leave him a comment or two and let him know what you think of his projects. Shane’s channel is full of positive attitude and inspiration that I’m sure you will enjoy, especially the fellow recyclers out there. You can also give Shane a like on his Facebook page to stay updated with all of his new content.




  1. Wow..thanks for that Jay and l wouldn’t be alone in thanking you for everything that you are doing for the woodworking community. There aren’t to many websites out there that openly promote other peoples content and you can be rest assured that it is much appreciated. It takes content providers like you to open up our eyes to all the other good stuff that is out there. Cheers mate :-)

  2. Jay, you have mentioned one of my favorite Youtube creators. Being able to create and build projects is great, but to be able to do it in an entertaining fashion is a great bonus.Shane does this so well. I have a nifty workbench based on his instruction and design (I also have a great shop stool based on one of yours)

    You guys are the best. Thanks to both of your for your hard work.

  3. Nice video except I couldn’t hear a word he said, or very few. Volume was maxed out, still no good. Sorry but until I can hear what he said it does no good.

  4. That is so cool Jay that you featured Shane Conlan. I already knew about him but it’s cool here’s here as a featured artist and I agree with you he is doing a great job. And he is hilarious.

  5. Thanks Jay for sharing also other woodworkers with us, I found a lot of good videos from your Featured Creator section.

    Maybe you can also visit Stan Sullivan’s youtube page, he also shares some good videos of easy projects…

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