Fusion 360: Krenov Inspired Coffee Table

This project has since been completed. Here are the links to all parts of this build:
Fustion 360: Designing the project
Part 1: Case construction
Part 2: The base
Part 3: The details, assembly, and finish
Part 4: The drawers
Project Plans: Click here

In this video I show my workflow for creating a Krenov inspired coffee table. Fusion 360 is getting more popular and continuously improved upon. A few years ago I tried Fusion 360 and it was lacking several features that prevented me from migrating away from SketchUp. Fast forward a few years and I think Fusion 360 is really close for me to make the switch. It’s still missing a couple features that SketchUp has but it’s close. Beyond that, it’s a much more powerful program. Mainly due to parametric modeling. Check it out and let me know what you think. What would you like to see with Fusion 360?

Want to see some of my old SolidWorks models? Check out these videos I put on my CAD channel 5 years ago: https://www.youtube.com/user/JaysCADD/videos


  1. Looks like a great program. It has some very neat and powerful features. I appreciate you bringing it to our attention. Unfortunately, for a hobbyist, the $300 per year may be an issue. Thanks.

      • Thank you for the info. When I checked the website, I did not see that option. I will certainly check again. And, thanks for all your great videos.

      • Jay,
        I went back and found the section addressing free usage. So, I downloaded and installed the program. Now, I can’t stop watching videos and reading articles as I try to “master” the new concepts. But, I can see that Fusion has some great potential. BTW, I also signed up for an online Fusion 360 course for Woodworkers and Hobbyists at Udemy.com. They offer quite a few Fusion 360 courses at reasonable prices: https://www.udemy.com/courses/search/?q=fusion%20360&src=ukw
        Thanks again for bringing this tool to our attention.

  2. I believe Fusion 360 is still free for hobbiest users if you qualify. You have to make less than 100K and have it for non-commercial use. You download the free trial and I think you can upgrade to a hobby user. Check out the website at:

  3. Excellent demo of woodwork modeling using Fusion 360. I have been using Sketchup for a long time, but I will be receiving a Shaper Origin handheld CNC router next week and it comes with Fusion 360 for one year. I have been debating if I should start the process to learn a new piece of software and your demo has helped me makeup my mind. Keep up the good work and thank for sharing your expertise.

  4. Good Morning Sir!

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I have downloaded and am beginning to learn my way around. I have used SketchUp for years and am looking forward to learning this program as well. Something you did not mention, but I was able to find, Fusion does have a free 1-year version for Enthusiasts renewable or 3-year for student/education. Great for all of us.

    Thank you again for your inspiration!


  5. If you don’t know Sketch Up or Fusion 360. With basically no training in any of the CAD type programs or CAD in general. Would you recommend starting with Fusion or Sketch Up?

    • Fusion 360 has a little more of a learning curve but it is more feature rich. If you’re just looking for something to quickly model basic straight line designs like a chest of drawers, farm house table, cabinets, etc… I’d suggest taking a look at SketchUp as it’s quick to learn and will give all of the basic modeling features someone starting out would use. If you can see yourself modeling designs long term and might be interested in more design features I’d say learn Fusion 360

  6. Outstanding Mr. Bates as a long time AutoCad user, the controls on Fusion are very familiar. But even so, this tutorial cleared up many things for me. Great job …. as usual.

  7. Followed your build through from beginning to end and created the drawing. Can you perhaps include some tips on creating drawings and cut lists please?

    Thank you

    • Cutting diagrams and step by step assembly drawings are where Fusion has limitations. It’s drawing options are enough to get by with but SketchUp Layout has Fusion beat on every aspect of making drawings.

  8. If you make any changes to a component after you’ve already created a mirrored copy of it, you can simply reorder the history down below to make mirror go after the change (just drag and drop the mirror action). This way, the change will apply to the mirrored component as well.

    • Correct for the most part. I’ve found a lot of situations where that’s not an option due to the order in which features were created downstream. For example, if I want to create a taper based upon a distance below the front rail I can’t go back and edit the leg before the mirror if the front rail was created after the mirror because the front rail won’t be there. It’s hard to explain exactly but I’ve ran into this situation several times already.

  9. Jay, I followed your SketchUp tutorials for woodworkers and it was a big help learning the program. It would be great if you could do something similar with Fusion 360, I’m sure it would be a big help for those who switch to Fusion 360.

    Thanks for your help.

  10. Jay – Thanks for the Fusion 360 video! If you’re taking requests, I’d like to see a more basic, slower version for newbies. Perhaps you can model a cabinet like the one you already did in Sketchup. I’m trying to design built-ins.

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