Avid CNC Ep3: Vertical & Horizontal Tables

Video Notes:

– Quick Track from Armor Tool: https://armor-tool.com/products/woodworking/t-track/
– TSO Products dogs for repeat locating: https://tsoproducts.com/dogs/
– Avid CNC: http://www.cncrouterparts.com/

A machine file with all dimensions and vectors will be available soon. This vertical table design can be implemented on any CNC that does not have a fixed table.


  1. I ordered a 4’x9′ Avid CNC about 6 weeks ago with the thought of integrating a vertical table, so your setup is intriguing. I designed mine to leave the end x-beam off the table and moved the end legs back about 10″. This cantilevers the rails a very short distance but has the advantage of better access to the vertical table and the capability of hinging the vertical table to do compound angle cuts. I’ve only received the leg/table parts so far. With the table assembled, everything seems very stiff and looks good. I plan to make the vertical table substructure from aluminum extrusion so I have a flat, stiff frame to attach an MDF face. Working on the design now as I wait for the rest of my parts. I’m a long time woodworker and retired engineer but a complete neophyte to CNC so if you have and thoughts, I’d love to get them. Thanks again for sharing this info, I plan to incorporate a lot of your ideas on the horizontal – great ideas!

  2. Well designed for maximum functionality. Congratulations. The strips between the t-tracks were glued together but I assume they were glued to the first piece of MDF also. I couldn’t really tell but it would only make sense unless I’m missing something. Stay safe.


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