Tool Talk #13: All Of My Table Saw Sleds And Jigs

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  1. 2 things that I have found about sleds and table saws is #1 Don’t try to make your own runners there are a lot of adjustable runners that don’t give you any trouble because of humidity. #2 Is that no matter what table saw you have the blade is located more to the back of the table top. So when you are through the blade cut your sled is hanging over the back edge of the table saw, So if using a sled to cut base cabinet parts you will need a table the same height as your saw to support you sled and wood. So may be a build for a table saw extension would be a good idea

  2. HI Jay
    I have had problems with sled runners being loose season to season in my shop, as well as being made a little loose to begin with. To fix this in a wood runner you can add a strips of aluminum tape used to seal duct work, or add set screws to the runner. In a wood runner predrill the pilot hole for the set screw and the add a drop of super glue to it. When the glue dries it will harden the wood fibers around the hole enough so the set screws can bite and hold. You will be able to adjust the screws to make the runners fit. In a pinch these tips will get you going until you get the project finished and you can remake the runner. Keep up the great content enjoy watching your videos and reading articles.

    • The easy way to keep that from happening is to buy adjustable alum runners. to fit your sleds.

  3. Please do a feature on your Dust Collection system. Type of collector, proformance, plumbing, etc. I also notice you don’t have a air filtration in shop? I watched a video where you build a filter system?
    Thank you for your great posts and videos, great Job!

  4. Jay,

    Great job displaying the various types of jigs. I’m always curious to see what the pros (or at least more skilled woodworkers than myself should you not consider yourself a pro) have in their shops and what they use to make cuts more accurate and convenient. Please keep up the great work!

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